Accounting for Homeowners Associations

MHA is one of the few public accounting firms in the State with a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in the Homeowner Association industry.  We serve large and small Associations for both neighborhoods and second home/mountain communities.

Homeowner Associations, condominium associations, common interest realty associations and property development companies are under extreme pressure in today’s economic climate.  Budget shortfalls, requirements for greater transparency and increasing workloads are some of the challenges faced by this industry every day.  

The professionals at MHA have more than 50 years combined experience in this industry.  Our expertise with the accounting and financial reporting nuances that are unique to homeowner associations allows us to provide strong recommendations and ease of communication with board members, developers, and homeowners.  

Put our deep understanding of the unique tax laws associated with HOAs to use.  We will help explain tax laws unique to HOAs to your Board members and owners to help them make good decisions regarding filing of form 1120 or 1120-H; excess membership income and expenses, and other associated budgetary issues. Our professionals will work closely with your management team and Board members to review the tax forms and help you fulfil governing responsibilities.  For more information about tax services for homeowner associations, please reach out to Dave Reed in our tax department.

Along with properly assessing audit risk, our specialists help you effectively assess the adequacy of internal controls over financial reporting and identify opportunities to strengthen existing control environments.  Whether you are facing a developer transition audit or an annual audit, the professionals at MHA are qualified to help you through that process. For more information on audit or review services for homeowner associations, please reach out to Eric Crennen in our audit department.
MHA has experts in the field of accounting for homeowner associations who are handling their own property management but want to outsource the collection and accounting processes.

To get started, schedule an appointment to discuss your business and how we can help you achieve maximum success through strong accounting systems and data analysis.