Accounting for Nonprofits

McNurlin, Hitchcock and Associates PC has a long tradition of working with nonprofit organizations in all three areas of service:  tax, accounting and audit.  We help our nonprofit clients make key decisions to get financing and stay compliant with extremely complicated rules.

The nonprofit arena is intensely competitive and staying on top of your financing and regulatory requirements is critical to your success. Our nonprofit organization clients truly help the world through innovation and caring missions, and we want to help make your jobs easier.  

As a nonprofit, your passion is often your mission and you work tirelessly to fulfill it. Compliance and governance issues should not take away from your ability to fulfill critical need in our communities.  Our professionals can help you with these challenges so you can keep your attention on your mission. 

Our professionals are available to assist with all sectors of the nonprofit world including:

  • Charitable organizations and Foundations 
  • Social welfare organizations 
  • Business membership associations


Each of these types of organizations requires a specialized approach and unique understanding of the complexities of their individual status. All three of our core departments work with nonprofits to help their organizations thrive. 


Our tax professionals are experts in the reporting requirements of the annual Form 990 and can help guide you through the process.  They will also help prepare for unexpected tax situations which can arise from unrelated business income tax or UBIT.  They will work closely with your management team and Board members to review the tax reporting documents prior to issuing them to the public and work to help you fulfill governing responsibilities.  For more information about tax services for nonprofit organizations, please reach out to Dave Reed in our tax department.


The auditors at MHA have a vast experience auditing and/or reviewing the financial statements of Colorado nonprofit organizations.  They are available to aid with the financial reporting necessary for organizations to acquire grants, apply for funding and participate in Colorado Gives Day.  For more information on audit or review services for nonprofit organizations, please reach out to Eric Crennen in our audit department.


MHA has experts in the nonprofit and fund accounting world to help your team meet accounting and payroll needs.  They can help to setup systems and/or train your staff on accounting systems.  They are also available to:


  • Process payroll 
  • Prepare board packets and participate in finance committee meetings
  • Address questions about employee benefits 

Through our specialize expertise, we are here to help all professional service providers maximize their profits. To get started, schedule an appointment to discuss your business and how we can help you achieve maximum success through strong accounting systems and data analysis.


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